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Call for AXA Postdoc Fellowships

2016-09-12 14:20

By: Patrice Wegener

The "AXA Research Fund" offers up to 25 Postdoc Fellowships amounting up to 130,000 € each.

The aim is to support outstanding researchers (of max. 3 years of postdoc experience) over a period of 18-24 months in the various fields, among which:
Environmental Risks
- Climate change
- Natural hazards & disaster risk reduction
- Urbanization & Resilience, Transport and Road Safety
- Sustainable Food and Water Management
Life Risks
- Ageing, dependency and long-term care
- Chronic diseases
- Well-being and prevention
- Public Health & healthcare Systems
“The Fourth Industrial Revolution”
- The technological revolution’s Social & economic impact (Internet of Things etc.)
- Tools and novel approaches to scientific modelling (Bioinformatics, Data Science...)
- Artificial intelligence & learning
- Human behaviors and cyber-physical interactions
For candidates presented by the applicant institutions (Max Planck Institutes), "a past, present or planned international mobility is mandatory". So in principle, the fellowships are suitable to move to Tübingen, or to stay here, or to leave and move elsewhere. As on average, institutions get 1 to 2 slots max. to apply for, only the most appropriate candidate(s) should be presented.
In 2016/17, two campaigns will be organized opening
5 Oct 2016
with the following deadlines:
-> 30 Sep 2016 for registering the MPI
->  3 Nov 2016 for requesting one (several) slot(s)
->  6 Dec 2016 for the research proposal submission (if slot/s successfully allocated by AXA)
27 Apr 2017
with the following deadlines:
-> 21 Apr 2017 for registering the MPI
-> 30 May 2017 for requesting one (several) slot(s)
->  3 Jul 2017 for the research proposal submission (if slot/s successfully allocated by AXA)
For more details/information about this call: Opens external link in new window>>
The 2016/17 Guide for Applicants is available at:  Opens external link in new window>>